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Nate Hamer was finishing up his last bit of frozen waffles and savoring his one allotted cup of strong coffee when his wife presented him with the morning paper.

Farmer Reading Newspaper 1881 – Albert Anker

San Diego County Journal

TECATE, CA  Hwy 188 was closed yesterday for three hours while authorities cleaned up after a tractor trailer wreck.  The trailer contained 23 horses presumably headed for slaughter in nearby Mexico.  Three horses were dead on the scene, one escaped from the trailer wreckage, its whereabouts are currently unknown. Six additional horses were euthanized for injuries and the remaining 13 horses have been taken into custody by the San Diego Humane Society.  The driver of the truck fled the scene and has not been found.  

It is presumed that a mechanical malfunction of the older tractor trailer is the cause for the accident.

The San Diego Humane Society is seeking assistance in finding homes and health care for the horses who range in age and breeds. Many of them are presumed to be Thoroughbreds from a recently foreclosed breeding facility in Temecula.  Please contact the San Diego SPCA if you can help with the horses and contact the San Diego County Sheriff if you have any information about the driver of this vehicle.

Nate’s wife of 38 years took his plate and, against doctors orders, refreshed his cup of coffee.  She sat down, folded her hands and watched Nate read and re-read the article.

He sighed “We don’t have any more room.” 

“I know.” And she did.

“Where are we going to put them?”

“I have no idea.” And she didn’t.

“I guess the Bleau’s might have been serious when they said they’d send the broodmares to the auction if we didn’t take them.”

She didn’t answer, there was nothing to say.

“Those poor horses.  What did they do to deserve this?”

Again, there was no answer, so she didn’t offer one.

“Well, let me see if I can talk Javier into hauling some for me. Maybe Tammi and her mom will be able to foster one or two. Do you want to go with to the shelter?”

“No, I’ll stay here. We can’t take them all Nate.  You know that.”

And he did.

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