She’s here! She needs me. She’s hurt. I wish she could sleep. She moves and makes so much noise.  I want her to be still next to me.  I try to show her how to lay quietly and sleep and heal. But she won’t. I put the warmest part of my side next to her hurt parts.  If she would just be still, I’d keep her warm and safe and I wouldn’t let anyone move her.  We could sleep and rest and she would get better. I look at her and tell her that I’m here but she’s so worried.  I’ve looked outside and there isn’t anyone here to hurt her, but she frets.

 I miss him. He’s gone. It would be good for him to be here.  He knows how to rest.

 I’m so glad she’s here! 


The Faithful Hound – Edwin Henry Landseer c1830

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