Lavinia’s Only Friend

It was going to be one of those headaches that woke you up and made you feel like you haven’t slept at all. 

Lavinia rolled over in bed and bumped Jason who snarled.  She patted his head apologizing and tried going back to sleep.  Thoughts swirled and twisted leaving her frustrated, angry and restless. She should just get up, but the doctors warned her she needed at least nine hours of sleep to combat the depression, headaches and joint pain that plagued her.  

Both the psychologist and the internist advised sleep along with a laundry list of supplements and drugs which she took dutifully.  The Pilates coach would be coming soon and she would have to cancel if she didn’t get her rest. She also needed to get in touch with the insurance agent and find out how much she had insured the dead filly for. Her fists clenched when she thought of the stupid accident that caused her to lose a promising young horse. She made a mental note to call her bank of lawyers to see if she may be able to sue the track, the outriders the trainer and owner of the crazed animal that caused the accident. She also needed to call her father and let him know.  Why did everything need to be up to her? 

She reached on the bedside table and re-read the nice note Clive Ullswater  sent.  She read it several times, it was so nice.  She’d take him to lunch to show her appreciation.   

She flopped again in the bed realizing that sleep without some outside help was impossible. If she took a sleeping pill now she would sleep through the Pilates appointment at her house, but the doctors were adamant about her sleep needs and she was very committed to feeling better.  If Jason needed to go out, he could bother the housekeeper. The Pilates teacher was a nice girl who would understand.  

She fished through the pharmacopeia on her bedside table, found the Ambien, washed it down with the bottle of water and welcomed her friend sleep.

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