Heading North

Hello friends!  I’ve been a bad human not fulfilling my Monday promises.  Truth is, I’m in Thailand on one of the most amazing work projects of my career.  The landscape, the project, the food and especially the humans are blowing my mind.  I’ve realized a lifelong dream to spend time with elephants as well.  As you can see – I’m enchanted with Thailand.  I will promise to publish a few scenes over the next few days while traveling.  Thank you for your patience.  Or as the Thai would say “Kap Koon Ka”



As she continued driving North on Hwy 5 Ann was still thinking about turning around when her phone rang.

“Hey Kitten, sorry about that, I had to take a call from that one client in Philly.”

“No worries Dad, I was just telling you how sorry I am.”

“Well, it turns out, I gotta fly back East tonight, so we can’t get together anyhow. Are you going to stay with Dee?”

“Yeah, that was my plan.” she sighed.

“Well you tell that little shit I said ‘howdy.’  Does she still have those little goats you dumped on her?”

“Yeah Dad, I think so.”

“Did she get married again?”

“No Dad, she didn’t.”

“I’ve been meaning to ask you, do you think she’s turned into one of those you know; lesbians?

“Dad, just because someone is 40 and single, doesn’t wear makeup and lives in the San Francisco area, does not mean that they are gay.”

“Oh Kitten, don’t get so worked up, you know your mother and I would love her just the same if she was.  I’m just saying.”

“Dad, I don’t want to be having this conversation with you.  Give mom a big kiss for me and when you are down here again  I promise that I will make time to see you.”

“Your mother would love it if you came home for Thanksgiving.  Can you swing it this time?”

“You know the Holidays are impossible for me to get away. If my grooms take some time off that means I gotta stay around. We go through this every year.”

“Well, you know your mother wants me to ask.  Okay Kitten, I’d better go, I’m at the airport already.”

“See ya dad.”

“Yup.”  He was gone.

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