Mark and Johnny loved to make up.  Both called into work sick and they planned to make love and eat all day.  Maybe in the evening they would have some friends over or head to the beach to watch volleyball or the sunset.  They talked about taking a trip over to the Orange County Museum of Art but decided that there was’t enough going on there. 

Johnny was always at his most affectionate and giving after the dark times.  Somehow he managed to find special gifts for Mark that showed not just how much he cared, but how well he knew his lover. This time was no exception as Johnny presented to Mark two tickets to London.  They would leave in three days. 

Johnny had had a hard time lately but Mark was sure that some time to unwind and a new shrink would help.  He’d seen Johnny in dark times before and he placated himself that right now, Johnny was safe and loving and that’s all he could hope for.  

“But it will be cold and wet and we don’t have anything to wear.” Laughed Mark.   

“One word Mark; Harrod’s.” 

Mark dared to hope that everything would be alright.

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